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Money Matters for the Well-Heeled Woman

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Are you a busy high achieving professional woman who has confidence in every aspect of your life but your finances? You have saved and invested but just don’t have all the pieces connected in a cohesive way that show you are on the right path. Let’s connect the dots.

Ready to decompress and pamper yourself while crafting an effective, new well-manicured money-management plan?

Want to consult with an expert about the do's and don'ts of multiplying your money—and customize a strategy for your goals?

Want to surround yourself with trusted women who support you and your fresh, fantastic financial dream?

If you're saying YES to any of these questions, then Finance ’n Stilettos™ Wealth Retreat was designed just for you! Here's just a TINY TASTE of what's in store during this bounteous creation and celebration of your precious nest egg.
Imagine sitting in the courtyard of an elegant country inn, nestled on a sunlit olive grove with panoramic views of Sonoma.

Picture yourself lazing in your chaise lounge in this serene spot, enjoying its soft-spoken luxury infused with dramatic California style—the perfect balance of wellness and indulgence. Maybe later you'll kick your sandals off and relax poolside, or decompress on the terrace of your Mediterranean-inspired room. And afterwards allow your taste buds to be tempted by innovative dishes paired with wine to delight neophytes and connoisseurs alike.

Want to know more about this fabulous place?

Picturesque Sonoma is widely recognized as a premium wine-growing region and home to America’s finest wines.
You’ll enjoy so many opportunities to explore and sip at its world acclaimed wineries and one of its more than 25 tasting rooms. Not only will you have the pleasure of relishing the flavors of the wines, but also enjoying Sonoma’s charm wrapped in its vibrant culture and cuisine, a pair that completes the entire experience.

Here you'll enjoy cuisines that capture the essence of the region. All dishes are made from locally sourced ingredients that blend the savory flavors of Italy and California to totally saturate your palate. This extra care ensures you'll enjoy the most delicious culinary experience that Sonoma can offer.

Don't associate finances with a transformative

and relaxing experience?

Well, get ready to change your perception, to undergo an awakening that renews you and your faith in how you handle your wealth. Whether your taste is Burberry or bugle beads, this luxury educational excursion is specifically designed to help you...
Invest in Yourself  by decompressing and getting in tune with your inner self through a renewing massage.
Explore Your Financial Vision and get clear about your future with in-depth discussions on growing wealth.
Create Bonding & Sharing Circles through group activities and outings..
Strengthen Your Financial Knowledge so that you understand financial numbers and how they affect you now and in the future. Meet one-on-one with a female certified financial planner who is an expert in her field to discuss your personal situation.
Find Value in understanding the importance of what makes an investment a good opportunity.
Indulge without the guilt, because you know you have more than enough. Enjoy some time on your own exploring nature, the culture, or shops.  

All of this will unite a well-orchestrated financial ensemble with your process of self-discovery.

Ready to release, now? Here’s what you get.



High Tea Meet & Greet is an opportunity to gather with one another to set your intention for your unique experience.

Explore Dinner on Your Own so you can begin your adventure of the countryside starting with roaming in the cart rides of the over 350 acres, 10 tennis courts and 36 holes of golf enjoying the Market that’s quickly becoming a hopping place!


Morning Meditation which allows you an opportunity to relax by getting in touch with your breathing. This lets you get attuned to your inner nature so you live more meaningful and harmonious lives.

Refreshing Breakfast to open your taste buds

Morning Cup of Finance Sessions open the discussion for you to share your personal experiences around finance. Get clarification around your goals so our personal interactions can delve into connecting them to your nest egg. Work through tools to help you understand your money personality so that you are better able to address them in your life habits.

Delectable Lunch to refresh your palette

Enjoy a soothing peaceful Spa Treatment that sets the stage for a relaxing comfort while others spend time journaling, lounging or continuing an expanding discovery of the beautiful Sonoma landscape.

Dinner and Discussion We will evaluate and work through the important dynamics of your current money puzzle to see how the pieces align to your goals.


Morning Yoga for renewal and pleasure to support your well-being while maintaining your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health.

Revitalizing Breakfast to energize and invigorate

Morning Cup of Finance Session We’ll look at your budget/finances in a three-way mirror so you can be sure your financial strategy is hugging the curves of your life in all the right places, while exploring opportunities for enhancement. This includes exercises to uncover your financial strengths and weaknesses to ensure your plan is achievable.

Scrumptious Lunch to nourish and replenish 

Explore Napa Valley whether that’s through a trip to the shops, a walk along a trail, or taking in a little culture.

Winery/Dinner Excursion at a dynamic, family-owned winery tucked along the eastern hills of the Oakville appellation in the heart of Napa Valley.


Morning Meditation to end your time on a positive note that releases you to continue building on your powerfully nurturing experience.

Nutritious Breakfast to refresh and restore

Morning Cup of Finance close out session to go over your personalize plan to ensure it’s a custom fit to your lifestyle.  Going over completed assignments and your next steps so you leave with your “To Do” List and a meeting schedule so you don’t procrastinate but actually get them done.

Fulfilling Lunch to satisfy and sustain  
Accommodation Information


• Four Day 3 Night Stay at The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa, Double Occupancy (Single Occupancy available at an additional cost.)

• Breakfast and Lunch for 3 Days | Dinner for 2 Nights

• 4 Daily Illuminating Financial Mastermind Sessions opening with Morning Meditation/Yoga

• 1 Option for a Fabulously Soothing Spa Experience

• Expenses for Offsite group excursions

• Roundtrip Transportation to Downtown Sonoma

• Roundtrip from San Francisco International Airport


• Round-trip Airfare from Home
• Souvenir Shopping
• Personal Phone Calls
• Laundry
• Tips for Your Room

• Personal, Health and Travel Insurance


The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa

1325 Broadway at Leveroni & Napa Roads
Sonoma, California 95476

For more info visit: The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa

We’ll hold up your finances to a three-way mirror and help you design a plan that hugs the curves of your life in all the right places. By the end of this retreat, feel confident about the financial knowledge you gained for the present and the future. You’ll walk away with a tailor-made plan and a clear understanding of how the various pieces of your financial picture interconnect.

Individualize financial reports that explain your current financial picture and detail where you want to go. Your take-home list of next steps, to complete after the retreat, along with (1) one hour scheduled group and (2) 30 minute one-on-one accountability calls over the next 2 months that will support you in executing your financial blueprints.

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Why a Retreat?

Ever since I was a child, I’ve wanted to travel—go places I’ve never been, see things I’ve never seen, do things I’ve never done. Why? Because experiencing new things allows me to grow as a person.

As a result, in my thirst to be a catalyst for women who want to increase their knowledge and confidence about money, I thought, Let’s do something different. Let’s get women out of their normal day-to- day routine. Have them unwind in a tranquil environment where they can expand their knowledge among others like them. Give them a comfortable space to open up, to share and overcome their wealth challenges. Sound good? I thought so, too, like a great combination—a retreat.

Join us at the Finance n' Stilettos Wealth Retreat!

Meet Zaneilia
Zaneilia Harris, Author & President of Harris & Harris Wealth

I grew up in a small town in Southern Virginia with my grandparents. During that time, my grandmother became the primary breadwinner for our household. My grandfather made a decision that at this point in his life, he would stop working. Didn’t know exactly what I was seeing transpire right in front me but “It had an effect on me.” My grandmother and I became very close. We would talk about many things.

One day we had a conversation about my father. My father wasn’t an active participant in my life. She asked me “Should I take your father to court for child support?” Now I was 8 or 9 years old and didn’t realize the implications this decision would have over my life. In my boldness, I told her “No, if he didn’t want to support me than we don’t need his support.” WOW, I just made one of my first financial decisions.

This decision would impact my grandmother and me, for the rest of my life. You see whenever we would go through a financial challenge, I saw the effects of it on her and I felt it in our household from what activities I could do, to what foods we would eat.

This experience left a STRONG impact on how I viewed life and money. From that point, I subconsciously decided that I needed to learn how to become financially independent.

But my relationship with money deepened when I was in college. We flirted a bit, like all young girls do. Then I found myself becoming more interested in learning about finances, including budgeting and investing.

Watch my video “Path to Power”
Read more about Zaneilia

I became fascinated with stories in Money Magazine that profiled people’s financial challenges and potential solutions. In reading the scenarios, I could see myself helping others with sound financial advice, so I wrote it down in my personal journal of my dreams and aspirations as a career I would pursue.

Despite learning about the things you shouldn’t do, under family pressure, my first snafu out of college was co-signing on a loan for a relative. Family can have a strong pull on you! Can you imagine the burden I felt when he didn’t keep up with the payments? I was furious! That taught me to put up boundaries when it comes to helping my family.

I love them but I have to protect myself first and make a conscious decision on how I want to help and NOT allow them to dictate how my money should be spent. So, I understand these emotional pressures that come with being the financial responsible and successful one in your family. These are some of the reasons that influenced me and why I pursued working as a financial planner to women. I’m happy to say that my purpose and my profession are now one. I am able to help women solve their financial challenges and achieve their dreams.

I’m a 20+ year veteran in the finance industry, President of Harris & Harris Wealth Management, the author of Finance ’n Stilettos, a member of the CNBC Financial Advisor Council, a financial educator, a blogger, and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who is passionate about finances and sharing her expertise with other women so they can become financially savvy. My expertise has been featured in the WSJ, CNBC, Forbes, Kiplinger and US News and World Report.

I’m a shoe lover who appreciates quality and recognizes the power of words and compound interest.